ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic

Vegan  ✓ Dairy Free  ✓ Gluten Free  ✓ Glass Jar  ✓ GMO & Soy Free

ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic is a natural energy-boosting supplement consisting of carefully selected plant extracts, natural caffeine, superfood nootropic mushroom, Vitamin C and 5-HTP

  • 60 capsules for 30 days of use
  • Main Ingredients – Plant Based Caffeine, Ginseng & Changa Mushroom
  • Also Contains – Vitamin C & 5-HTP



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ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic is a natural energy-boosting supplement composed of plant extracts, superfood nootropic mushroom, natural caffeine, Vitamin C, Guarana, Ginseng, and 5-HTP in capsule form. It is GMO-free and vegan-friendly, and each jar contains 60 capsules.

The ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic blend can significantly enhance energy, improve sports endurance, boost immunity, enhance cognition, increase serotonin levels, and provide a longer-lasting vitality lift.

Each capsule contains:

100 mg of natural caffeine, a well-known nootropic substance that enhances cognition, boosts endurance, and is widely used by athletes to enhance their performance. Unlike synthetic caffeine, natural caffeine provides a longer, sustained energy boost. Our energy-boosting capsules have a higher caffeine content than a can of the most popular energy drink but without the sugar.

The addition of natural 5-HTP compound increases serotonin levels, which reduces the energy drop commonly associated with caffeinated drinks.

100mg of Ginseng in each capsule can enhance cognitive abilities, focus, clarity, and overall endurance. Ginseng root is a natural and potent nootropic that can improve mood and reduce inflammation, contributing to overall well-being and boosting immunity.

A superfood infusion of Chaga Mushroom Extract powder, known for its nootropic and adaptogenic properties, can improve the body’s daily response to stress and enhance brain cognitive functions. Sportspeople often use Chaga supplements to boost immunity and increase energy levels. Chaga Mushroom is also rich in various nutrients, including vitamin B-complex, vitamin D2, proteins, amino acids, fiber, and potassium. Additionally, it is high in antioxidants, which can naturally reduce inflammation and improve athletic performance.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, plays an essential role in slowing down processes that cause cell damage, such as inflammation from intense training. Therefore, the unique blend of ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic makes it a perfect natural energizing supplement.

Who is ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic for?

ACTIVATE Energy Nootropic is ideal for sportspeople looking for a healthier alternative to popular energy drinks. This plant-based supplement is suitable for anyone who performs demanding activities and requires additional stimulation.

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